Frequently Asked Questions

Select the desired package, fill in your Guest details if you are going accompanied, choose an option in “Occupancy” and “Additional Nights” then Add to Cart. You can option to make payment via PayPal, Stripe (Credit Card) or Alipay.

Select the desired package and you will get to view all the package details on the product page included what are comprises in the package, hotel details and amenities, Itinerary, Package Terms & Conditions, Activities and Reviews from traveler.

Yes, you be able to use a portion using Personal Saving Points based on your ranking. The higher ranking, the more can be used.

Yes, you also can use Personal Saving Points in purchasing additional nights and the amount will also be based on ranking. (For more details, please look into the saving table in each package.)

The date for the trips will be listed in the package that you bought. Please look out for this information and the T&C before you purchase.

No, a Flight ticket is excluded but you can book your flight with Bzzworld Travel.

Yes, airport transfer is included for arrival and departure based on selected airport for each package. (Please remember to forward your flight itinerary to Bzztrips team at least 14 days before the trip date)

Please refer to the Itinerary column in the website of each package for this detail.

We have also other payable activities which members can arrange easily with the hotel on the first day of arrival. We also include some of them in the Activities column in the web page for each package.

It will be the same as a normal purchase, however, after that,  you need to purchase a Guest Certificate for the changes in the traveler details.

A Guest Cert (Guest Certificate) is a form required if someone other than the registered owner is using a purchased trip. This certificate is valid only for 1 traveler.

A Guest Certificate is required if someone other than the registered owner is using a purchased trip.

Please visit the  “Redemption” link from the top menu bar then click “Redeem Your Guest Certificate”, fill in the required information and hit send. Our support team will receive your request and make all the necessary adjustments.

Please go to the “Redemption” page and from there click “Choose Your Welcome Trip”. Choose the desired package, choose an option in “Occupancy” and fill in your guest details, then Add it to the cart. Once you are on the checkout page, click to enter your complimentary voucher code.

Yes, the tutorial videos are ready and you may view them from the “Tutorials” link situated on the top menu bar in the Bzztrips website.

Login to your “My Bzztrips” account and go to the Dashboard. From there you can click the button “View Orders” to view all your previously purchased orders.

You can download the invoice by login to your Bzzrtrips account, click on My Dahsboard and select Orders. Look for the package you purchased and click invoice to get a copy.

Depending on your membership ranking you are eligible to join 1x Bzztrips Gold, 2x Bzzrtrips Platinum and 3x Bzztrips Diamond in 1(One) year.

Taxes and reservation fees are included in the price shown. If there is any additional fees or incident charges, it will be displayed in the Terms & Conditions section.

You may send your request to and our support team shall reply your email with a link and guidance.

Yes, you may note down your specific request for bedding or upgrade to next category room in the “Additional Information” on the checkout page. However, this will depend on the hotel availability.

Reward Credits are part of our loyalty program, you can earn up to 1% of your total spending when purchasing either a single or a double occupancy package.

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